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Barns are usually classified not only their materials and their specific framing conventions which are known to a particual style of construction. The combination used often helps classify these barns by country of origin or a style that has evolved from dominant eurpoean barn tradtions which made their way to the new world.

Tradtional barn design have adapted themselves for modern day living including the pole or dtuch barn. Pole barns are often



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Pole barns in the USA or ( dutch barns in Europe) typically have a roof extended overpoles. The roof is supported by the poles, which make up the perimeter of the barn. Internal walls can be added but are not required for structural integrity. Pole barns are often used for feed or livestock storage.

This type of barn is very common in modern agriculture, but is also used for other large spaces which require lowcost and eay contruction to provide shelter including , garages, truck storage, horse riding arenas, in door arenas , ice rinks . Pole Barn homes usually offer quick construction time and efficient use of materials.



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